Don’t you hate it when you get a new game or toy and it takes all day to put it together? And that’s after you finally figure out how to read the instructions!

No worries with Brightz, Ltd. LED accessories! Our bike lights fit on any bike*; adult bikes, kid bikes, mountain bikes, and dirt bikes. It doesn’t matter. And there is no need to alter your bike or install any kind of special fittings. Our Cooler Brightz, Toss Brightz, and Bug Brightz are the perfect accessory to any indoor/outdoor event. Use our Everyday Color Brightz to add even more color to your event, or to anything you like.

We have the LED lighting accessories, we’ll leave the creativity up to you!

Products are listed alphabetically.

Bloom Brightz:

Click to view: Bloom Brightz Installation

Bug Brightz:

Click to view: Bug Brightz Installation

Cooler Brightz:

Click to view: Cooler Brightz Installation

Cosmic Brightz:

Click to view Cosmic Brightz Instructions

Cruzin Brightz:

Click to view: Cruzin Brightz Installation

Everyday Color Brightz:

Click to view: Everyday Color Brightz Installation

Go Brightz:

Check out our video or download the pdf to see how simple installation is.

Click to view Go Brightz Installation

Hoop Brightz

Click to view: Hoop Brightz Installation

Locker Brightz:

Click to view: Locker Brightz Installation

Spoke Brightz

Click to view: Spoke Brightz Installation

Toss Brightz:

Click to view: Toss Brightz Installation

Wheel Brightz:

Click to view Wheel Brightz Installation

*Wheel Brightz fit on wheels 20″ or larger.

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