Brightz, Ltd. started with the imagination of 12 year old Eric Finch and his innovative, engineer dad, Ron. The small LED light bar Ron created was intended to light up the underside of Eric’s bed like the racecars in The Fast and the Furious, but one look at the light, and Eric knew it belonged on his bike. With more development, that would become our first product, Go Brightz.

Founded in 2008 and releasing our first Go Brightz in 2010, Brightz, Ltd. has gone on to create lights in a large variety of styles and colors. For the next few years we continued to develop the business, expanding into local, specialty, and national stores across America, and added a few more bike items to our product line. In 2016, we expanded beyond the bike world. (But we are still making new bike lights!) We’ve created lights for coolers, lockers, bean bag board games, basketball hoops and more! The ideas are always flowing here, and we find inspiration for new items everywhere.

You’ll see across our social media the short description “Making the world a brighter place, one light at a time.” While this was a quick, funny blurb we threw in when setting up these accounts, that’s what Brightz, Ltd. aims to do. We hear many stories about our Wheel Brightz or Go Brightz making kids and adults excited to ride their bikes again. Toss Brightz and Hoop Brightz let the fun continue after sunset. Locker Brightz and Cruzin Brightz create groovy dance parties. We love to have fun together, and Brightz products let you do that, anywhere, any time of day. Be sure to send us pictures of you and your friends or family having fun with Brightz so we can put it in our gallery! (You’ll also get a discount code for more Brightz!)

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