Brightz LED Bike Lights

Let your inner star shine bright with your new flashy Brightz lights for bicycles. You will be the center of attention; A connoisseur of all things bright; A superstar amongst the masses… We can go on and on, but you get the picture. We supply you with the best bike lights around in an array of fantastic colors in six different styles to choose from:

  • – Go Brightz
  • – Wheel Brightz
  • – Cosmic Brightz
  • – Cruzin Brightz
  • – Spoke Brightz
  • – Boom Brightz

Lights… Camera… ACTION!

If you’re going for the subtle “Hey, I’m here” look, you may choose to go with our Go Brightz which will give you that spotlight of color. Or, you can dress your ride up with our other famous bike lights, the Wheel Brightz, Cosmic Brightz, Cruzin Brightz, or Spoke Brightz. The Wheel Brightz follow the contours of your tires with a whopping 20 LED lights, and the Cosmic Brightz drape your bike’s frame with a sleek outline. Cruzin Brightz are like a travelling party as they project crazy patterns on the pavement, and Spoke Brightz fill your whole wheel with color when you ride. Boom Brightz let you jam to your music as you ride, while the light dances to the beat. Now if you want a more festive attire, you can combine all six of these LED bike lights and create your own style and color combinations to suite your unique theme.

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