Boom Brightz

Bring light and music to your ride! Boom Brightz has a Bluetooth speaker so you can jam to your music while you ride. Turn on the lights so they can dance to the beat of your music!

Boom Brightz

Summer nights have never been so much fun now that you’ve found the coolest bike party lights on the block. This year, it is time to step it up a notch with Boom Brightz. These musical bike lights will make all of your friends jealous, as they will have no doubt where to find the hottest party every night. Boom Brightz turn your bike into a musical disco ball that lights the neighborhood with funky LED lights while playing your favorite music.

Be seen AND Heard

These bike lights with music will flash red, blue and green LEDs that are hard to miss as you cruise through the neighborhood. All you have to do is sync your smartphone or iPod to the built-in Bluetooth® speaker, and suddenly your musical bike lights will come to life. From pop to country and everything in between, these bike party lights can keep up with your favorite playlist and are sure keep the party hopping all night long.

Spectacular Light and Music Show

To make the party even more spectacular for you and your friends, Boom Brightz create a spectacular light show that will be the life of the party all summer long. The red blue and green LEDs feature a special lens that is used to create the most psychedelic light show you have ever seen. Your bike will be hard to miss as the lights create funky patterns that will have every party rocking along to the beat of your favorite music.

Every night can feature a new playlist. With your Boom Brightz musical bike lights, all you need to do is sync your favorite songs and get riding. Before you know it, all your friends will be following, and rocking, right along with you.

Be Cool! Be Seen! Be Heard!

Your bike lights with music are a snap to install and remove. Move them from bike to bike without worrying about a thing. The quick-clamps make installation and removal a breeze – no tools required! The USB rechargeable battery is easily removed from the clamp, so you can take your Boom Brightz inside to recharge and get ready for the next night of partying.

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