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Enjoy your nights under the lights

Whether you are spending the evening under the stadium lights of your favorite sports team or hosting an outdoor summer party that is sure to go late into the night, you can’t go wrong with Brightz outdoor canopy LED lights. Why worry about clouds covering the moon and stars, when you can set up your own lights that will set the mood for any outdoor event.

Get your team spirit in high gear

Planning on tailgating or setting up a tent in support of your favorite sports team? There is no better way to show your team spirit than with canopy LED lights in your home team colors. After all, when you are supporting your team, the best way to show your spirit is to be seen and heard. Your superfan cheers and chants will be heard loud and clear throughout the night, but it will also shine bright for all to see with your unique outdoor canopy lights.

Set the mood for your cookout

Planning a summer cookout and want your backyard to be at its brightest? You can’t go wrong with outdoor fancy LED lights. Brightz canopy lights provide 40 feet of lights that can be cut to size. Take your boring canopy or patio umbrella and turn it into a dazzling display of beautiful lights that match your theme and decor.

Customizable to fit perfectly

With Brightz, you get outdoor canopy lights that fit a variety of canopy and umbrella sizes. The 40 feet of lights can be cut to size and come in a variety of colors that will perfectly match your theme and decor. If your party lasts all summer long, there is no need to worry. Brightz canopy lights are weather resistant and come with clips that will hold them tightly in place. The outdoor canopy lights also run on standard AA batteries (not included) so there is no need to pack an extension cord or set up next to an outdoor outlet.

If you are planning outdoor fun this year, Brightz canopy lights are must have for your tent, canopy or umbrella.

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