Cooler Brightz

Now, I don’t know about you, but our summers here at Brightz revolve around fun, friends, and good times. So, we do our best to literally “light up the night” with excitement, and we make it look pretty cool too. Wherever we are, whether it’s chilling on the sunset beaches of Miami or deep in the woods around a campfire, we never forget to bring along with us our Cooler Brightz to keep our beverages glowing all night. These LED cooler lights​ illuminate all of the ice and drinks in your cooler. The radiating light from the lighted coolers​ turns a basic cooler into a classy refreshment station. They even make bottled water look fancy. Using our Cooler Brightz to decorate your coolers with light ​are also a great complement to our Toss Brightz for your cornhole games. All you need to do now is gather the buddies around and set up a day, time, and bring the drinks and let Brightz handle the rest. So, how about you take the time to kick back and chill this summer with your new Cooler Brightz!

Nothing’s cooler than LED lights for your cooler!

Cooler Brightz come in a variety of colors and you can match just about anything. A lot of people have been known to coordinate them with their favorite team. These are a great accessory for tailgating because you can rep your team pride by filling your cooler with its theme color. It just makes everything more fun. There are also other creative ways to use the Cooler Brightz…like put the Cooler Brightz at the bottom of a bucket when bobbing for apples on Halloween, or put them in the bottom of a drink fountain at a wedding to add that glistening touch.

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