Cruzin Brightz

Did someone say PARTY!

We’ve got the Saturday night fever going on and are pouring it out with our groovy cool bike lights​! The Cruzin Brightz are a great way to take the disco with you wherever you go. These bike lights ​are the perfect accessory for your bike, but they also detach from the clamp to use at your next party or get-together. The installation and removal is as simple as 1-2-3 and includes a quick clamp to make it a tool-free process. You can even fit the lights in your backpack or purse if you want to take the party inside. Whether it’s to set the mood during the slow jams or to take your game of DDR to the next level, your Cruzin Brightz will be ready to ride with you to your next event.

Turn your bicycle ride into a party cruise!

You can use these psychedelic patterns from your bike party lights​ to light up the ground, wall, ceiling, you name it! These cool bike lights are going to make you the highlight of the neighborhood. They blink through a number of color patterns automatically so that your eyes never get bored. You can also use your new Cruzin Brightz to pretend you’re a rock star making your big debut. Red, Green, and Blue LEDs to be exact. Colors will swirl around you as you cruise down the boulevard. The only other things you need are the smoke machine, leather pants and and I suppose an air guitar will do. So what do you say? Order your Cruzin Brightz now and take the center stage!

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