Hoop Brightz

“Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court…”

Whether you grew up listening to this song or not, I think we can all agree with the singer that basketball is the greatest sport that was ever invented. It’s a staple in just about every back yard or driveway and is the perfect pastime. Now just imagine if you could have a way to illuminate that backboard at night to help you hit your the sweet spot every time. Now I can't promise you will be shooting like Curry, but I can promise you will have the slickest light up basketball hoop in your neighborhood. Now you can add that perfect glow to your jump shots, layups, bank shots, alley-oops, 3’s and slam dunks!

Keep ballin' all night with bright LEDs!

Now installation is simple and they install on any backboard with the included zip ties and adhesive backed fasteners. Even if you are practicing your dunks, you can trust these hoop lights to stay secure. They circle around the rim as well as the outside line of the backboard to illuminate the entire surface. Those hours and hours of practice with blood, sweat, and tears, will be that much more memorable when you are accepting your spot in the NBA…. all because of your light up basketball hoop! Hey, anything is possible if you just believe. These Hoop Brightz can make every shot look like a million bucks, especially when you’re ballin’ in the dark. Let's make your next game of one-on-one is a Brightz one. Order your Hoop Brightz today!

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