Locker Brightz

A colorful blast of spinning LED lights.
Made just for the inside of your locker!

A colorful blast of spinning LED lightsmade just for the inside of your locker

Waking up on a Monday morning when faced with pop quizzes and study halls may seem like the most impossible thing you do all week, but the right locker accessories can turn your worst Monday morning into an impromptu party.

Locker Brightz are a colorful blast of spinning, decorative locker lights made just for the inside of your locker. With just the turn of your combination, a boring day of lectures and schoolwork melts away into a dazzling light show. Locker Brightz are so amazingly awesome that all of your friends are going to take notice and gather around the coolest locker in school.

Transform your dark, boring locker into the coolest locker in school

Math books, science projects and folders filled with homework can’t bring you down when your locker decorations include a colorful blast of LED lights. Locker Brightz are the coolest locker decorations on the market, and even your teachers will want to check them out. When you open the door to a locker that looks the same as hundreds of others on the outside, everyone will be amazed when the inside is transformed into a disco party complete with spinning lights.

The rotating, multifaceted surface of these decorative locker lights will quickly transform any dull, boring locker into a space that is uniquely your own and incredibly cool!

Take the Party with you wherever you go

Locker Brightz are so cool, you will want to take them with you to a new locker every year. No need to leave them behind, as their magnetic base allows you to easily mount the decorative locker lights to the top, bottom or side of your locker. The magnetic base also makes it easy to take Locker Brightz out and move them to a new locker year after year.

In fact, Locker Brightz are so cool, and so easy to move around, you will want to take them with you everywhere you go. Don’t leave them stuck in your locker all year, take them with you for school holidays, long weekends, dance parties, summer fun, and whatever else you can think of.

See them in action here!

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