Toss Brightz

Picture this… the backyard is filled with your closest friends and family, the grill is fired up with your famous BBQ chicken and the music is on your favorite song. You spent days preparing for this exciting moment of celebration and memories, and all of the planning and shopping all come down to this perfect night. The only thing that could top off this very moment of joy is when your best friend brings out the game of corn hole illuminated by our Toss Brightz. These Cornhole LED lights make the target easy to see and gives it a super cool glow. Just think about it, using the Toss Brightz to light up cornhole boards takes this traditional backyard game, and graduates it to BOSS status. It will not only be a conversation piece, but it also makes the game that much more fun to play.

The game keeps going when the sun goes down!

With such a great selection of colors to choose from, you can really customize your boards to match your favorite theme. We’ve known a lot of customers that either purchase themed boards or have them custom painted to match their favorite teams or hobbies. Pairing your perfect theme with your matching colored cornhole board lights will give you your own custom and unique set of boards to make those special games with friends and family even more special.

The Toss Brightz have two LED light strings to wrap around the boards and then two more strings to light the holes. This is a whopping 26 feet of lights to brighten up your favorite game and light up bean bags so that they are easier to see at night. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let any more time go by without getting yourself a set of these Toss Brightz!

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