Wheel Brightz

Family fun is what it’s all about. Give each member of your gang their very own personalized bike wheel lights called the Wheel Brightz. Now Little Jimmy can zoom down the block just like flash with our red and yellow Wheel Brightz, while Mom rocks out like Cindy Lauper and shows her “True Colors” with our multicolored bike wheel lights. For you dads we have a variety of colors to choose from to match that favorite sports team of yours. We can’t leave out little Emily, she is going to shimmer and sparkle with her pink and white Wheel Brightz.

Make your wheels glow with a circle of spinning light!

With these LED lights for bike wheels you can mix and match any of the colors to create your own unique set. The possibilities of color combinations are endless, especially when you get a pair of our Color Morphing Wheel Brightz. With the simple press of a button you can set it to continuously cycle through all of the different colors! Bike wheel lights just make those family bike rides more fun and memorable.

Bike wheel lights are also the perfect gift for that one person that’s difficult to shop for (you know who I’m talking about!) These LED lights for bike wheels are definitely more personal and from the heart than the go-to gift cards. So, take that next step and order your loved ones a few pairs of Wheel Brightz to let them know you care and want them to have fun in style.

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