Brittany’s Lighted Chalo Dog Sulky

Brittany’s Lighted Chalo Dog Sulky

Brittany first lit up her dog sulky with Cosmic Brightz, and when she found some Wheel Brightz, she had to get those too!

Brittany’s Story

I was in need of some lights on my Chalo Dog Sulky. I’ve been looking for a few years but nothing was ever bright enough. We do runs year round with the coolest time of the day being at 3 a.m. in the summer and wintertime it gets dark early so most of our runs are in the dark. Being seen is my number one concern! I found your Cosmic Bightz first at a local outdoor gear store and was blown away by their brightness!! I was really impressed! A week later I went out of town for some Christmas shopping and found your Wheel Brightz and again was blown away about how bright they are!! We love your lights and they help us be seen on our every other night sulky runs! I took pictures and videos of the lights and shared them with my fellow dog sulky users and they loved them too! They also ordered some lights for their dog sulkies too! I also like how you can customize to your own color preference so no two bikes or dog sulkies in our case are alike! Thanks so much for a great product!!


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December 7, 2016

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